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I have always sought isolation, space, freedom, and a connection with the natural world. I spent most of my childhood holidays in the Gelderland province of Holland. I was brought up cycling around the Hoge Veluwe national park near Apeldoorn, a beautiful expanse of heathland not dissimilar to the Sandlings in Suffolk I ride across every day.

I have always been a multimedia artist, loving sketching, pastels, painting, ink, cartoons. I never use just one medium for my landscape paintings. I use what I think best represents the texture and intrinsic identity of what I see in front of me. 


When I moved to Suffolk I was pleased that it was so rural, but if I am honest a little overwhelmed by its starkness and wide open spaces. However this starkness and unique brutal connection with the elements is what made me love the area, and ultimately want to capture its huge skies and freedom on canvas. I think that escape from the urbane and from constant close proximity to humanity is what draws the creative mind to Suffolk. Truly wild spaces are rare in the wild now. I want to live in one of those spaces.

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